Let me say up front I believe in marriage, weddings, love for all, and the declarations of love
and public promises that pledge commitment to the one you love for as long as you hold each
others hearts in your own. 

So what is a perfect ceremony?



A ceremony that feels and looks like you? 
A ceremony that is creative, thoughtful, fun, elegant, memorable and genuine.

So if this is what you want you're in the right place!
Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. With the wedding ceremony 
being an integral part of any wedding, after all it is the part when you officially become a
married couple, it needs to feel right.

The words that are spoken set the tone for the rest of your celebratory day and you deserve
a bespoke, amazing and perfectly yours ceremony.

That's where I come in, I can tell your love story, your aspirations and perform the legals, you
can make the promises, exchange the rings and share your day wherever and with whoever
you want. 


Any  location 

Whatever you choose to be your dream venue, or location for your wedding ceremony,
whether it's at the beach, a waterfall, on top of a cliff, your favourite restaurant,
your backyard, or wedding venue.


With a Celebrant, every location is a potential wedding venue. 



There really are almost no limitations! However, I can name two I will not jump out of a plane 
or scuba dive, but I can refer you to a celebrant who will!!



I am based in the Outer East, but I also provide my ceremonies in Gippsland, Melbourne,
Bellarine Peninsula, Yarra Ranges and Dandenongs.
I am always up for a road trip with my trusted roadie, so just ask. 



Your wedding date is booked EXCLUSIVELY for you and your ceremony! 
I only book one ceremony per date. I want to focus just on the two of you. 
So if you're running late, the weather takes a nasty turn, fire or flood, or something
unexpected happens there is no panic. I will wait for you as long as you tell me!!

(See my T&C's)

The Maureen Miles Celebrant Touch

As your Celebrant I will craft your ceremony to your beliefs, personalities,style and preference.
These can also combine your own cultural or spiritual elements into something truly unique
and meaningful to you.  

You can add readings, poetry, even songs into your ceremony. You can have a Rock, Paper,
Scissors to determine who says their vows first. You may want to consider Symbolic rituals
such as Handfasting, Candle lighting and Sand Blending Ceremonies these
offer a unique visual representation of the coming together of two individual people to form
one team, united in marriage.   

You could even choose to create a wedding cocktail, or toast as newly weds as you sign your
ceremonial certificate. 

Throw out the rule book! 

The Wedding Ceremony Package includes:

Ceremony Planning and Consultation   
We meet and chat and get to know each other and about your wedding ceremony, we might
meet a couple of times or more. The legal paperwork (Notice of Intended Marriage) is
completed and lodged with me.

Love Questionnaire     ♥♥
I will give you a 'love questionnaire' with around 20-25 questions.  I use the answers to write
your personal love story, including anecdotes, memories and fun facts about you as a couple. 

I begin to write each couple's one of a kind story and turning it into something meaningful that
is then crafted into your ceremony script. It is my favourite part. We will work together, editing
the script until it feels completely right!  

I will encourage and support writing your own vows, But if you are shy I can help share your
promises weaved through your ceremony. I can help you choose the music, your music really
helps set the emotion for your entrance and exit, readings and Symbolic Rituals

I will provide ideas, resources and suggestions, but more importantly I will listen to what you


So what is next?

You have got this far, let's book in an appointment to chat about how to create your one a kind wedding celebration ceremony, contact me.

Whats included in my service?
  • An initial obligation free meeting either face to face or 
    Face time works well.
  • Book in and I will guide you through the paperwork.
  • Resources of ceremony ideas, creative rituals, vows andmusic ideas.
  • Unlimited phone and email contact.
  • Completion and lodgement of all legal documentation required.
  • PA system plus wireless microphones.
  • Printed keepsake copy of your vows.
  • Big smiles, free hugs and my absolute promise to see you have the most amazing 
    ceremony ever.











Dandenongs Wedding Celebrant Maureen Miles