Other Ceremonies of Love




Elopement Wedding Ceremony

If you want something very small, with only two witnesses or up to a maximum of 30 guests. Be married anytime Monday to Thursday. Then this might be a wedding ceremony for you. The ceremony will have all the appropriate legal requirements and an opportunity for you to personalise the ceremony. It could be writing your own vows and ring exchanges or love letters to each other. I will resource you with the options and ideas folder and talk through the process.


The ceremony will always been presented heartfelt and sincere and bespoke to your elopement needs.


I would love to be involved in co-creating this ceremony with you.


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Reaffirmation of Vows


A reaffirmation of vows is for any married couple who wish to share a relaxed and casual event, that  celebrates your journey of marriage together. It is an opportunity for you as a couple to reaffirm your love for each other and strengthen your commitment into your future together, with no legal elements.


Renewing vows can reflect on the journey already travelled, remembering all the joys and adversities experienced. Whilst also giving you an moment to acknowledge the accomplishments of each of you both as individuals and as a couple. It is also a chance to look forward to your shared future and the dreams and hopes yet to be achieved. The structure and content is up to you. We can create together a personal ceremony that reflects your relationship, the support you have received and love for each other and your marriage.


I would love to be involved in co-creating your reaffirmation of vows.


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Baby Naming

The celebration of the life of a child whatever age is part of a wonderful occasion to bring family and friends together. A naming ceremony is a special way of declaring your dreams and hopes for your child's future and affirm the beliefs and values that are important for you as a family unit.


A naming ceremony can be a wonderful creative event, an intimate or large affair, structured or fun and relaxed, contain readings poems or love letters, symbols or rituals. The choice is yours.


I would love to work together with you to create a ceremony that is just perfect for you and your child.


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